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Welcome, this is a little chat app I am writing in vanilla js and gun.eco I hope you like it. Bullchat is not just a chat libray but also a bunch of utility functions you can chose what you need for your project

Quick Start

Take a look at the github repo linked above or simply inspect the source of this page you can even view the readme in an iframe


>> Select any room
>> Real time editing of scratch pad
>> List also updates in real time
>> List persists when createing new room
>> You can edit your alias (no security its all public)
>> Put forcefully saves
>> Remembers room and alias local storage
>> Nice Quotes
>> User Dark Mode Preference Respected
>> Css Theme Vars
>> Tech: jspanel4, gun, watter.css
>> Simple and convenient module api
>> TODO auth support
>> TODO toolbars and helper utils

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"YOLO" - 12 year old me.